Monday, December 29, 2008

More Planning....

... and thinking about doing something I hate doing.  Buying yet another book on diet.  Actually two books.  Judith Beck's new one (I gave my initial copy away) and then one called Refuse to Regain by Barbara Berkeley who maintains the great blog, Refuse to Regain  I keep hearing great things about them over on

Whenever I feel like I'm wanting to buy a book on dieting, or look into some diet program, little red flags go up.  It's like I think I don't have the answers within myself and I must seek the 'magic pill' from without.  That said, these two books are more about practicing weight management activities in a consistent manner.  Berkeley's book does prescribe a diet, but it's one I typically try to follow (with some exceptions) anyway.  Beck's just says to pick a plan and stick with it.

Do I need more re-enforcement in this area? Or do I need to work on not being so obsessed about it and tying my self-worth to my weight?  Can the two go hand in hand?

I don't know.  I'm rambling.

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