Tuesday, January 6, 2009

There Is No Magic Pill

**** Warning: Major Rant Follows ****

I think by now if you follow this blog, you know I use an Internet site to track my calories and get tons of support from some very wise people.  Every now and then someone will ask about using the latest diet gimmick being marketed and it almost invariably makes my blood boil.  I hate it that there are still "Snake Oil" frauds out there trying to bilk people out of their money.   Repeat after me:


What does work?  Consistency, planning, determination, a sound diet, exercise and most importantly - the right mindset.  If you go into a diet thinking it's a temporary thing, then the weight loss will also be temporary.  And that could be more harmful to the body than being a few pounds overweight.  

Instead of thinking "I need to lose weight"  think "I need to manage my weight better.  I can do that by making some changes to help me shed a few pounds and then maintain that weight."    Weight management.  It includes loss and sustained effort to maintain.   I'm proof positive of that.  I stopped taking as much as effort as I needed to maintain my weight and now I'm off track a bit and need to right my course.  (see Keeping the Pounds Off for more on this great analogy)

And while I was off course, there was part of my mind looking for that magic pill.  I wanted to drop those extra pounds fast.  What happened?  I'd take a drastic almost hateful approach and lose two lbs.  I'd loosen the seatbelt too much and then gain 2 or 3 lbs.  Rinse and repeat.   It's so easy to fall into this.

But I got my head right (and rant on here to help keep it right) and am taking a healthier, gentler approach that will facilitate successful weight management to regain and maintain my healthy weight.  Wow - that takes longer to say that "I'm dieting and need to lose a few" but it sure does feel healthier to say that to myself.  

My head's no longer in the sand about my weight and how I gained a few lbs.  I'm no longer looking for the magic pill.  And I feel strong and healthy.  I know I'll get back to my happy weight.  And I'm confident I'll stay in the happy range because I won't have achieved the happy weight thru gimmicks.  

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  1. Maura, great post. I remember reading a thread on MFD asking about "quick" fix supplements and it made me sad AND angry. Sad for the person asking because now that I know what I know (there is no magic pill!) I wanted them to know the answer is not found in a bottle, and angry that there are still people playing off people's insecurities and fears and desires and willing to do anything to get it. Getting it all "right" in my mind means I can now bypass all the infomercials and products promising perfection in an empty bottle. I will never waste money on those things again...and that feels great!!!!
    P.S. thanks for the mention of my blog :)


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