Tuesday, April 28, 2009

She breathes...

Life has been going on and I've been attempting to keep up with it. The biggest news now is that I now much punch a time clock (via the Internet - how 21st century) at work. In all honesty, I have not worked a 40 hour week since I started. So this change has been a bit disconcerting since I've already had problems fitting everything in. But I've come up with a solution that is a compromise to D's sensibilities and my own needs - but puts my needs first:

I get up and workout in the AM. I still commute to work with D on most days and then I work for another hour after we get home. (Thankfully - flexible schedules and working remotely are still options!) This will work best for me. I don't really like working out in the AM, but consistency is key.

On to other news - my weight is holding steady. URGH. Too high. I feel fat. So, I've cut sugar and starches from my diet. Well, sugar and bread. This is new and the decision to do so is based on my knowledge and further research on the best nutritional practices to manage PCOS and insulin resistance. My goal is to keep my sugar grams to 30 or fewer per day.

That's my news. Not much. And that's OK.

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