Monday, May 25, 2009

It's not just a lack of willpower....

....  finally a book that has explained why I can sit and pick at a plate of food when I'm no longer hungry.  And why I can tell myself I will eat only one cookie and that one turns into the entire package.

It's not a sugar-addiction, but my love for sweets doesn't help.  It's a purposeful re-wiring of the brain by the food industry.  Some people are more susceptible to it than others.  I'm one of the more susceptible people.  D is not.  Lucky him.

Anyway, I learned all this in David Kessler's fascinating, enlightening and at times disheartening book: The End of Overeating.

There is hope.  Kessler doesn't provide a diet plan (thank goodness), but does strongly suggest establishing structure around food, eating and environment.  He also suggests establishing firm rules.

And in reading his suggestions, I realized that is what I've allowed to almost completely slip away from my eating - firm rules and structure.  No wonder it's been a struggle.


  1. Found your blog through another blog. Congrats on your loss and keeping it off.

    I was doing a program similiar to Optifast called Medifast. It works but I have since switched to another similiar but much more nutritional product that has a big focus on getting the toxins out. I am very excited to lose my weight but maintaining it is just as hard as you have stated. I have a big sugar tooth and I am off of it now and do not crave it. I know once I lose my weight it will be a slippery slope to even entertain the act of eating sugar. I am very grateful that I love fresh fruits and vegetables.

  2. Hi, Mary Beth - thanks for posting. I am living proof that you can maintain your weight loss after a nutritionally sound liquid diet. It IS work and it requires constant diligence, it can be done and after a while it seems more like what is normal. This blog has a lot of information about how I've used every tool at my fingertips to keep the weight off. I wish you all the best in your journey.


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