Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm not supposed to have a bubble butt

You know - the number on the scale bothered me last week, but not nearly as much as putting on a pair of slacks this morning. These slacks fit last month. They are now too snug to wear to work.

I have developed a bubble butt in the last month or so. Every pair of slacks I own accentuate said bubble butt. This is not a feature I want accentuated.

I'm trying hard to not freak out. Is this because of the 5 lbs I've put on or is it because of the change in my strength training program? I just don't know. I haven't weighed what I weigh now in 3 years. Have I crossed the line? I seem to remember there were certain places on my journey down the scale where my body visibly shifted. Is it the same on the way up?

And further more, do I go buy more slacks that fit? I currently own two pair that fit well. None of my skirts are comfortable.

Can I whine some more?

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  1. Hey Maura, I do know that feeling about the bubble butt all too well - mine is more a muffin top issue. But, nonetheless. You're in week 1 of Push and your body is reacting to that. Read back through Chalean's stuff and you will see that she says you should see an improvement in the scale and measurements by week 2 of any new phase. Also, muscle holds water. Did you lift yesterday?

    Hang in there - think of it as the muscle is working to squeeze the marbled fat out of the butt muscles. :) Then, there will be all sorts of room in your pants.



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