Sunday, April 25, 2010

The 2 Year Plan to Overcome the Obsession

It's taken me about 2 years to gain this weight and I've decided I'm going to take about 2 years to lose it.  That's right - 1 lb per month.

Why am I taking such a slow approach?  For a few reasons, but one of the biggest ones is that I want room in my life for something other than weight management and being obsessed with my weight.  I'm OVER IT!

So, the approach is simple.

For next week and May:

  • I shall document what  eat - but not measure or 'log' it to determine a calorie count.  (At least not at this point)
  • I shall drink 64 oz of water per day
  • I will find joy and acknowledge it daily
  • I will walk or work out (cardio) at least 3x per week.
  • I will journal at least 3x per week.
  • I shall weigh myself this Friday (April 30th) and again the last Friday in May (May 28th).

Each weekend, I will spend some time with  myself evaluating how well I did - including how many non-food/weight management activities did I participate in.  Did I knit, did I read a non diet book, etc.  My success will be measured by how well I met my goals.  And this time - I get real rewards.

  • Daily rewards - pamper time - feet and hands
  • Weekly rewards - new books
  • Monthly rewards - manicures (I get pedicures routinely - but not manicures)

That's it for now.

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