Sunday, August 22, 2010

One step at a time

I recently finished listening to Geneen Roth’s Women Food and God and it completely resonated with me and at the same time overwhelmed me. Yes - soul searching is probably a critical step when it comes to healing an unhealthy relationship with food. I just don’t have time for that now. The way I do it just takes too much time.

Savor by Thich Nhat Hahn suggests slowing down and sitting with the uncomfortableness of not eating when you want to but aren’t hungry. Breathing. I like that. And am working on incorporating it in my daily life.

The thing is, I do have an unhealthy relationship with food and my body. I do believe that if I lose weight without healing that relationship, I’ll continue to struggle with my weight the rest of my life and I don’t want that. So, I’m working on the soul searching a little bit at a time. And I’m learning to incorporate some healthy food practices in my life - one step at a time.

If you haven’t listened to Two Fit Chicks and a Microphone I highly recommend you do so. I’ve subscribed and listen on my way into the office. And their episode on intuitive - mindful - eating really made it seem doable and normal. Not some lofty goal that sits on a pedestal so high it could never be reached. (Roth’s way sort of seems like that to me)

Anyway, I’ll be listening again to get the next step. The first step to be to fully aware, without judgement, of everything you eat and how you feel after you eat it. And that is my practice for this week.
And so far, being aware and knowing I need to acknowledge how I’ll feel after I eat, has kept me from 1) overeating and 2) eating a sausage biscuit. Progress.

And I’m moving again. I’m slowly incorporating exercise back. No more lofty goals with it for me. 25 minutes of cardo 3-4x per week. Followed by light and I mean light strength training. It’s good enough for now.

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  1. I thought some of Roth's goals were a little lofty but I appreciated it when she wrote about her own experiences. I don't think I would attend one of her retreats even if I had the chance. I'd be one of those women who were always angry at her. It was just another viewpoint.


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