Saturday, February 26, 2011

At Coosa Creek

D and I are still sick, but we made the trek up GA 400 and over Blood Mountain on US 19 to escape the city. We can be sick here with peace and quiet or sick at home and feeling pressured to run errands, do chores, etc. The most I did today was some piddling in the yard - dead-headed a hydrangea like shrub and cleaned up the bed of lavender. The sun was warm, but with this cold moving into my chest, I didn't want to stay out too long.

I feel like I've done a fairly good job getting my head back in place with my eating.

Thanks for the recommendations for online food diaries. I chose one recommended by a friend at work - Calorie Count. www,

My goal for the next week, will be to track my food intake every day - even the days I eat out. This is to get a ball park on what I eat. And to do this accurately, I will measure my food to. Not necessarily cutting back, but measuring. I think my eyeballing has become a bit too lax.

And I purchased an Omron HJ 303. So far I like it. My goal for the next week is to wear it every day and get a baseline on my daily steps. After that, I will increase each week's daily average by 1000 until I average 10,000 steps each day.

R, thanks dropping by and posting the link. I will definitely be doing some more soul searching. At this time, I can say that one of my intrinsic pay-offs when I eat and move in ways that are healthy for me is increased confidence.

Sandrelle, thanks for your encouragement. You remain a constant inspiration for me. Thank you - and best of luck with your fitness & diet class. If I lived in your area, I'd sign up!

Kelly and Stacy, thanks for the encouragement and support.

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