Thursday, September 20, 2012


Saturday night is date night around here and quite often hubby and I just sit and listen to music as we sip some wine.  And quite often the music stirs me to get to my feet and dance.  Since hubby doesn't dance, I'm dancing solo, but with the wine - I don't care.  I'm grooving to the tunes.

I've been thinking about that some - I like to dance.  I suck at it, but I truly enjoy it when I'm just moving for myself.  Can I turn this into intentional movement?  Hmm - dancing by myself for 30 minutes?  I felt myself growing tense with the fear of boredom.  Got it - 30 minutes straight up dancing would be too much.  How can I break it down?

Back when I was exercising furiously, I remembered an exercise theme that included periods of cardio and periods of toning.  I can't remember what it was call - not circuit training, but the concept definitely came from that.  I found an iPhone app - SecondsPlus that allowed me to program a type of circuit - I called the program Dance 15:

Wake It

Rock The Arms

Shake That Thing

Ass So Fine


Wind It Down

Wake it  - obviously, waking up the body with a slower tune.  Rock the Arms - toning for arms and shoulders with light weights.  Shake That Thing - well, that's obvious, right?  And Ass So Fine - is a bunch of squats and lunges  - done carefully to not hurt the knees.  And Groove is obvious too.  As is Wind it Down.

This is a 15 minute circuit and I felt so great after doing it.  I can't wait to do it again.  Having fun with intentional movement!

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