Monday, September 10, 2012

Food on Pinterest

Pinterest can be quite addictive and the food porn there is alarming.  I mentioned to my husband the other day that it's no wonder staying healthy can be so difficult - our interest in food seems to be focused on snacks and to die for desserts.  It takes time to cull through to find the gems - but I did find a couple last week.

But overall, I think all the saturation of food images in our culture isn't necessarily a good thing.  I know for me, I want to try all those yummy recipes.  I want to be as an accomplished of a cook as those posting the recipes.  But do I need to? Really? What validation will cooking all these scrumptious looking dishes give me and why do I want it?

Those thoughts are good thoughts and have cause me to drop most food blogs from my reader.  I give myself 1 weekend a month to peruse new recipes on the Internet now.  And I limit what I choose to try to recipes that 1) appeal to me, 2) are fairly healthy and 3) don't require an entire pantry of new seldom used ingredients.  And subconsciously, I also seek out easy, fast recipes.

 I don't want to shut myself out of the kitchen because I truly enjoy cooking. And I'll be reporting more on recipes I've tried.  But I do think limiting my exposure to all the over the top food porn is key to my well-being.

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