Sunday, March 30, 2008

Checking In

Have I written about accountability? Being honestly accountable to yourself about your efforts is critical to successful weight management. And sometimes it's not pretty...

I weighed myself this morning and my week of giving in to inexplicable hunger registered on the scale. I'm up almost 5 lbs. Not good. Some of it is water weight and some of it is true excess weight.

What did I do or didn't do that could have prevented this? I did eat without paying attention. I didn't log what I ate. That's it - very simple. Action=Consequence. I know me well enough to know that I MUST pay attention and I MUST log what I eat.

What's next? First, I have to acknowledge what I did do:

I did get my exercise program back in gear - I added yoga. I did the strength training three times. I did the NordicTrack 4 times and I walked 4 times. Or was it five? That's all the good stuff. Unfortunately, my knees are killing me and I need to take a break from the NordicTrack and possible all the squats and lunges I do in the strength training. So - what's next?

Food plan: I need to think about it some. My partner has advised he's eating a light lunch so he can have dinner with me. Urgh. I prefer to have a very light dinner (some would call it a snack) so I need to reverse my eating a bit. I can do that. Just need to think about it some more. Two things I am implementing immeidately: semi-fasts on Fridays and Mondays. The reason for this is to create a calorie deficit to offset the excess calorie intake on the weekends. My partner and I like to eat out on the weekends and also have a really nice meal with wine on Saturday nights. While I do usually make fairly decent choices when we eat out, I still eat too much. And get too much sodium. So - less food on Fridays and Mondays and more water on Fridays and Mondays. I can do it.

Exercise plan: No NordicTrack for a week. I will walk or do Leslie Sansone DVD's for my cardio.

The plan's totals:
Cardio: 5x (average 250-300 calorie burn per day)
Strength Training: 2x - I'm breaking the full body sessions into arms and legs and will repeat twice
Yoga: 2x
Abs: 5x

Food plan:
Monday & Friday: Calories consumed <=1200 Tuesday - Thursday: Calories consumed <=1400 Saturday & Sunday: Calories consumed <=1600 Water consumption: Monday & Friday: 96 oz Tuesday - Thursday: 64 oz Saturday & Sunday: 80 oz I can do this. I know I can. I've done it before. Just got to get my head back in the right place. I am joining a weight loss challenge for April on MyFoodDiary. Whoever loses the highest % will get $5 from each participant. That's it - no crazy have to exercise to burn x number of calories, etc. Just lose weight. I like that. I'll check in on my goals next week.

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