Sunday, March 23, 2008

Goals and Challenges - Redux

At beginning of March, I set a goal for myself to lose 4 lbs by March 29th. That is not a good goal because there are factors I can't control that may impact the number on the scale. Water retention is one. And right now my weight is up instead of down. Water retention.

Instead of focusing on the scale, I should have focused on behaviors that I can control that also impact the scale. Am I working out consistently and with enough intensity? Am I drinking at least 64 oz of water each day? Am I logging EVERY bite of food? Am I getting enough sleep? Taking time for me? These tried and true behaviors are what ensures my successful weight management and I got away from that and it set me up for feeling pretty badly about myself.

Today is Easter. A good day for a fresh start and returning to the basics. For now I need to concentrate on weekly goals & challenges. So - here are my goals and challenges for the upcoming week:

1. Add yoga to my workouts - at least one time this week
2. Walk at least 3 times this week. Not for the calorie burn, but for the fresh air.
3. Do the Jari Love Get Ripped strength training DVD three times this week.
4. Do 4 cardio sessions on the NordicTrack this week.
5. Keep my calories under 1550

That's it. This past week I intentionally scaled back on exercise because I needed to make some changes. I've got the changes planned and these goals will help me implement them. My sore muscles have been screaming at me to stretch more. Yoga will help me with that. My spirit has screamed at me to get fresh air - the walks will help me with that. My heart and muscles already thank me for the cardio and strength training so I want to keep that up. And I just plain feel better when I don't overeat and more than about 1600 calories for me is too much.

I'll check in with my progress next week.

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