Monday, March 10, 2008

Thank You, Emory and STARS Group

This past Friday, I attended one of Emory's STARS groups to talk about my experiences with maintaining my weight. I enjoyed meeting everyone in the group and was so inspired by their achievements. Y'all are awesome!

After the group, the nutritionist and I chatted for a bit with the program's doctor, discussing my goals. They both gave me lots to think about in terms of how to possible get started in a career where I could use my experience and knowledge to help others lose weight and maintain their new weight.

They also both advised I take a hard look at my goal weight. One of my disappointments is that I haven't reached my goal weight. I'm 12-15 lbs away. And I've been 12-15 lbs away since April 2006. Both the nutritionist and the doctor think I may be trying to go too low and that some of the weight I want to lose is excess skin. WOW. That has given me something to think about and I've decided to revise my goal and now want to lose just 7 more lbs. At that time, I'll have another body fat % test done and consult with my physician about a realistic goal weight.

And on a side note - I accomplished a personal best at Emory. I climbed up 7 flights of stairs in the parking deck.


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