Thursday, March 6, 2008

Water Water Water

Water is so important to our health. It keeps you hydrated which keeps your organs and muscles functioning properly, as well as making your skin look better. Its also important in weight management because it helps keep false hunger signals from being sent just because you're thirsty.

I have a tough time with water. I'd prefer to drink coffee, juice, and diet sodas. I do drink coffee and the occasional diet soda. I limit juice consumption because I'd prefer to get my calories from food, not liquid. It's especially hard for me in the winter to get all my water in, but a fellow member of gave me some great advice - try drinking hot water with a slice of lemon in it. It worked like a charm.

Now I start my day with 12 oz of water before my first cup of coffee. I also drink 12 oz of water for every cup of coffee I drink. I also drink 12 oz before and after each exercise session and with my meals. I'm finding it easier and easier to get my water and I've found my desire for diet sodas has diminished greatly.

Tricks to get the water in:

Drink at least a cup for every cup of coffee of diet soda consumed
Try it hot with lemon
Add fruit or cucumber slices to it for a hint of flavor without the calories (or just a few calories if you eat the fruit). I've been adding sliced strawberries to my water and it is great!
Drink it with your meals

Water essential to life. Drink it. Enjoy it.

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