Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Goals and Challenges

Sometimes it is difficult to stay motivated to keep losing weight to reach a goal or to maintain your weight. At least it is for me. Short Term Goals & Challenges are great ways to give your motivation the oft needed kick in the rear.

I've actually just set a short term goal & challenge for myself. To lose 4 lbs by the end of March.

OK, the 4lb goal isn't a smart goal. There are too many factors that could influence the scale reading. So I'll really be focusing on the actions needed to achieve that goal:

Calorie Restriction - average 1457 per day
Exercise - 6x per week: 3 days cardio of 30 minutes, 3 days 60 minutes weight training, 2 days cardio 48 minutes (HIIT), 1 day cardio 60 minutes. Average burn: 314 calories
Water: at least 64 o per day
Relaxation (Stress keeps the weight on for me): Every day - knit or read

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