Saturday, March 1, 2008

A little bit about me.....

Hello and welcome to my blog - it's all about my weight management efforts and the tools I've found to be most helpful in my success.

I probably won't be updating my blog all that often, but as I find new "tools" that have helped me, I'll post a review.

First things first - who am I and why am I creating this blog? My name is Maura and I've successfully maintained approximately a 70 lb weight loss for 2 years. Yep - almost 70 lbs for 2 years. I'm proud of this accomplishment.

Losing the weight was a bit easier than maintaining the loss. I lost the weight by following the OPTIFAST liquid diet administered by Emory Hospital in Atlanta. I can't say that six months of nothing but liquid was a piece of cake, but it was indeed far easier than learning how to balance my food choices and eat healthfully. But I've done it.... and am still doing it.

To celebrate the 2-year anniversary milestone, I contacted Emory and volunteered to share my story. They've accepted my offer and I'll be speaking at their STARS class next Friday. I'm very excited about it and hope my story will help others maintain their weight losses.

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  1. Maura I joined MFD January 12, 2009. Through a series of events I found you through Sarah in VA. I put you in my MFD Toolbox. I am always looking for things to help me reach my goal. Your pictures are very inspirational. My MFD name is littleinstature which is what my name means. May you always have encouragement in all you do.
    Paulette in KY


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