Saturday, March 1, 2008

All my adult life through countless Weight Watchers meetings, money blown with Jenny Craig and even with Optifast at first, I refused to log my food. Flat refused to do it. I felt it made me to obsessed with eating. Perhaps it does, but it also keeps me honest.

For example, I want to eat about 1800 calories today. I unwisely skipped breakfast which set me up to eat way too much at lunch. I tried to order wisely but didn't ignore the egg roll or wing on my plate or the crispy noodles on the table. I came home and logged everything and my lunch turned out to be almost 900 calories. Yikes. No biggie. Dinner will be lower in calories and much more healthful - no fried foods - and I should finish my day on target.

Discovering was the key to removing my aversion to logging food. It takes some set-up for custom foods, but overall, it is the easiest food/exercise-logging application I've used. And the forums are fanstastic.

The site is not free - but I can spring for $9/month for this invaluable tool! Here's the link:

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