Monday, January 19, 2009

Keeping on Keeping On

Today is one of those days.   Nothing to rant about. No amazing insights.   Just another day  of keeping on keeping on.

Work is a bit boring.  Very quiet.  Email is boring. forums are quiet.  It's just a low key kind of day.  The kind of day that in a former, fatter, lifetime would have sent me scurrying for change to hit the vending machine. Anything to alleviate the boredom.  

I have no desire to hit the vending machine.  Though I do wish I'd brought more food with me - I'm hungry.  I also have the desire to have some amazing insight to share.  Or something to rant about. But, there it is. Life is happening without hoopla.  And guess what, weight management can happen without hoopla (rants, raves and insights) too.

Weight loss maintenance isn't sexy.  It's not really all that exciting. The scales are stable.  Body size is stable.  Status Quo. Gone is the excitement of wearing a smaller size every month.  Gone is the excitement (and ego-stroking) of receiving tons of compliments over my progress. Sometimes it's hard to be happy with that. Today is one of those times.  I'm losing weight slowly so it's not exciting.  I want something exciting to be thinking about to help motivate me to continue to distract myself from improbable hunger signals with tea and rambles on here.  But it's not likely going to happen.  

So, I keep on keeping on.  We'll go home tonight and I'll work out.  My partner will prepare dinner and while it cooks, we'll enjoy cocktail hour together.   He'll have a scotch and I'll have another cup of hot tea.  And we'll play a hand of gin.  After dinner, I'll clean up the kitchen and prep my food for tomorrow.  And then we'll watch a movie together.  And I'll knit. 

You know what? The status quo ain't so bad.  And THAT is what keeps me keeping on.

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  1. Maura, so true. Although I am still getting lots of compliments I still go home and do the same consistent things that will keep me at goal/maintenance. It's consistency and the keeping on that makes it work. Maybe maintenance isn't sexy, but I feel a lot more sexy now!! :)


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