Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Remembering to be kind to myself

I dole out tons of advice on the forums @ MyFoodDiary.com and often sound like a broken record with this one particular bit: Be Kind To Yourself.

I thought I had developed an exercise schedule that would be challenging enough yet allow me to be kind to myself.   I'm beginning to have doubts.   Last night, I felt ill and achy after my workout. And today, rather sullen and moody.  I decided I didn't want to workout tonight.  At least I didn't want to spend 42 minutes huffing and puffing on the NordicTerrorist, oops, I mean NordicTrack.  I decided to give myself a break and instead did the yoga practice I should have gotten up to do this morning, but didn't.  Normally I'd feel guilty about this.  I need my cardio.  I also need the breathing and stretching and mental focus of yoga.  And I also need strength training.  Most importantly, I must find the right balance so that I am being kind to myself.

There'll be more on this topic.  

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