Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Feeling a bit of a quandary

Last month when my partner and I had the discussion about my use of MyFoodDiary.com and I started my great adventure of not using MFD, I had it in my mind that I would sorely miss MFD.  And at first, I did.  But not so much now.

I don't miss logging.  I still mentally log.  I don't miss the craziness of most of the Forum.  And I certainly don't miss the numbers game.  

I do miss my 'online friends:'  Peach, Sandra, Jay, Cindy, Sarah in Va, RealFood, Martha K, Michelles (I'm sure I missed someone - it's not intentional!).  I do miss their support, inspiration, humor and steady drive to 'stay the course' in their weight management journeys.

What have learned during the hiatus?  1) It's very easy for me to get caught up in drama and when I don't have access to it, I don't miss it.  2) It is also easy for me to slip.  I need to be consistent with logging my food - whether or not I use MFD or not. 3) I am a maintainer.  I have not allowed this hiatus to be a trigger completely abandon all my healthy habits.  Sure, I've slipped a little and I've put on a couple of pounds, but I've kept up the exercise.   

I've also learned that while my partner doesn't think much of blogging, he's not suggesting that  my blogging makes me ill the way he thinks MFD makes me ill.  I did finally tell him I had one.  I told him why I started it last year (my 2 year anniversary of maintaining my weight loss) and he says "why am I just learning about this now?"  And I smirked "because I know what you think about blogs."   But he didn't suggest I quit blogging.  He does suggest I not use my real name (oops) or have any pics of myself (oops) on the blog.  

Another thing I learned is that I did use MFD as fodder for rants on my blogs.  I never really intended my blog to be a daily diary of my ups and downs with maintenance.  I'm a little too private for that kind of public disclosure.  I did intend for it to be a place to rant about the insanities encountered along the way as well as to share what works well for me.

I'm still not sure what I'm going to do.  Go back to MFD for the ease of logging and restrict my use of the Forums to the Maintenance thread?  Or just log my food on paper and blog here?  I don't know.

And that's where I am on MFD.


  1. Hey Maura, good to see you post again. I've been logging on a free site www.fitday.com for 10 years or so and I really like it. I've never logged food on MFD (went there for maintenance support), so if that's your main motivation I'd say log on a free website and keep blogging here. :) At this point I'm not sure how long I'll be on MFD either, tired of the drama too except for the maintenance thread.

  2. Hey Maura,

    Good to hear from you. I'm a fan of MFD for logging. Didn't lose my weight there, found it in maintenance when my other free food diary (Nutridiary) looked like it was going under. It's still alive, although unmaintained. It has many of the features of MFD and some I like better than MFD, but I like the MFD fridge. It makes logging easier. Ah, yes, the form can be quite a bit of drama. I've lost my fascination with it and just go to a few of my favorite threads. Anyway, I can visit you here if you decide not to come back. If that's OK?




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