Saturday, March 21, 2009

For a change of pace...

... I rented the Women's Health Ultimate Fat Burn Cardio Scult workout from Netflix. It's a very fast paced cardio interval workout with some strength training. Here's my take:

The suggested hand weight to use for the program was 3 lbs. I used 5 lb dumbells, and except for one section didn't feel muscle fatigue in my upper body. There was one section that involved 'swinging' the weights that felt a bit awkward for me. Overall, though, after having done Jari Love off and on for the past year, this program felt a bit weak. It's probably great for maintaining tone, but I don't know that it's got what's necessary to create tone.

Another negative was that there was not a section dedicated to core work. That said, the core was being worked through out the program just by using good form.

On the positive side, the cardio was challenging and not over-choreographed. There was only one move I could not do at all, and there were alternatives being demonstrated so I didn't lose any momentum waiting for that sequence to be done. I will do this program again and again just for the advanced cardio (advanced for me, anyway)

Another plus was that I felt her cool down to be worth doing. Usually I don't and I skip that part. Yeah, I know. Not good for me. But I did it and didn't regret it.

Now for the biggest plus - I felt I got a good workout done in less than 40 minutes. That part I really like.

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  1. I never do the cool down on videos, either. We're both bad :)

    I've been wanting to use Netflix for exercise videos. Thanks for the reminder. I wonder if any of them are instant, as in we can watch them on the computer? Hmmm...I'm off to check. Thanks for the review.


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