Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nothing much to say

It's funny. Not participating in the Forums on MFD has left me without fodder for my weight management rants. And it's left me feeling a little more at peace.

Don't get me wrong - I'm still rather passionate about eating real food in reasonable portions. And I still long to be able to not work so I can bake my own bread and make more recipes like this delicious 'biscotti' from And I long be able to not work so I can exercise and stay fit in a way that doesn't impact my partner so much. But well, I like shoes, so I have to work.

But when I'm not on MFD, I don't feel like I'm constantly seeing people seeking that mythical magic pill. Gone are the posts asking about the great acai berry diet. Gone are the posts touting the latest and greatest exercise routine. Gone are the posts asking (or is that whining?) "what am I doing wrong?" And also gone is my impatience for such posts! And I've also noticed my own desperation for weight loss is waning. I'm regaining my sanity.

It's a fragile sanity. The medication (metformin or glucophage) has caused a weight gain, which I'm hopeful is just a temporary thing. If not, then the doc and I will be having some words! I do think it is temporary. I'm not eating as much - I'm no longer hungry all the time. And that's a good thing. I'm thinking about not weighing myself every day for a while. That does frighten me.

I think all in all, I'm finally gaining the balance I have been seeking for the past year. That feels pretty good.


  1. Maura, so glad you are finding peace. Soooooo GLAD!!! I hear you about all the "magic pill seeking" and I'm happy that yo are free from it. You are a beautiful woman, and it's time you enjoyed being one!

    Love you!
    Cindy from MFD

  2. Hey Maura! I hear ya..... love the site, but the forums, sigh.

    Glad to see you still maintaining!



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