Thursday, April 9, 2009

No more ...

A lot of people have written to me over the past few years to tell me what an inspiration I am to them. I feel like a fraud.

It's time to get honest with myself. My current way of eating and blaming life on not making necessary changes is not working. I've not been holding myself accountable. Instead I've been whining. The result: Weight gain and a closet of gorgeous clothes that don't fit. In fact, I weigh more today than I did before I came off of OPTIFAST.

No more whining. No more excuses I know what to do and how to do it. I've been trying to appease my partner's sensibilities. They're good sensibilities but they don't always work for me. So - no more appeasing on the ones that don't work for me.

And no more hiding. I'm going to be honest on here about my weight. I log it on Friday's so I will post an entry.

Sigh - I'll even list out what I ate here. Maybe some constructive feedback will be helpful. :)

And one last more "no more": No more beating myself up.


  1. Maura? Happened to me in my second year of maintenance. You have good instincts, the tools and the knowledge. It's a much shorter (but slower) journey than the original, and it doesn't have to be draconian


    Peach (MFD)

  2. Maura, thanks for the support on my blog. You are so sweet. :)

    It's great that you are getting honest with yourself and drawing the line on what is acceptable to you and your partnter. Sometimes the line is loose and wiggly, but sometimes the line needs to be taught and straight. I know you will be successful at this.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement Peach and Sandra!

  4. All I can say is "You go girl!!!!" I see some serious determination in this post!

    Jay :)


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