Monday, April 13, 2009

Chocolate is gone

I've read a few blogs over the last few days and it seems that many weight loss sustainers have had difficulty with the abundance of chocolate these past few days - me included.

I'm happy to report for me, the chocolate indulgence is over. I feel my will to ignore it coming back. Notice the word I used - not resist, but ignore. Resist implies struggle. Ignore implies not important. And that's what chocolate is - not important in the big scheme of things.

Neither was the home made ice cream I didn't get yesterday. I saved room for it. I ate wisely so I could have the indulgence. I even skipped my planned dessert (strawberry shortcake) once I saw that home made ice cream was being served. I love ice cream and home made is better than any store bought version. So, I'm in line and the person in front of me got the last of it. What did I do? I resisted poking my lower lip out and going into full pout. I did not resist (or ignore) the home made chocolate chip cookies sitting next to the ice cream table. It was good. Not as good as my chocolate chip cookies, but it was good. And that was the last of the indulgences.

I came home, worked out, and logged my food. I ate to lose. Not bad all things considered.

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