Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Eat the World

Yesterday was another "Eat The World" day (Thanks for that great description, Peach!)

At least the eating was mostly healthy and at least there was no candy involved. And at least it was offset by a good sweaty exercise session. And at least I logged my calories.

And not least of all - I'm very proud of myself for 'babysitting' over 100 danishes & bagels we had brought in for a big meeting. I had to set up the spread in a break room so I sort of had to keep an eye on them to make sure no one got into them before the intended recipients got out of their meeting and made it to the break room. (Why is it that free food attracts people like flowers attract bees?) Anyway - by the time the intended arrived, I'd been inhaling pastry scents for almost an hour and I had a sugar high just from the aromas! I was very pleased with my choice of a bagel rather than the chocolate filled whatever it was that had been teasing me. My mantra of ignore was sorely tested!

Today's been a bit better. No candy to ignore. No pastries to ignore. Just my thinking I'm hungry to ignore. I've been able to do that, I'm pleased to say.


  1. Maura! I am going through this exact thing right now! It started yesterday when I was going to be no where near food for 5 hours. Pack a snack? Hmmmmm....no I'll have a little later lunch and heck - I'll live for 5 hours without food. And you know what? I got along just fine. I was hungry - yes but just kept thinking that I'll live.

    Today - similar thing. And I am loving it! :)

    Jay :)

  2. By the way I finally figured out how to subscribe! :) Jay

  3. Jay, good for you. I went for a while not having snacks and it worked well for me except I didn't have enough energy for my workouts - so I added a snack back. But I don't necessarily think we need to eat 5-6x per day. At least I don't.


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