Thursday, April 16, 2009

Showing Up

I think one of the drawbacks to maintenance (or weight loss) is that it is easy to not give ourselves credit for anything less than perfection. I've recently discovered (Thanks to Refuse to Regain) an other maintainer's blog and he makes an excellent point that sometimes we need to give ourselves credit for just showing up. » Blog Archive » On with the show…

I can't count the number of times I joined and quit Weight Watchers during my obese years. I quit because I hadn't followed the program perfectly and I felt guilty and life got in the way and made it very easy to rationalize missing a meeting. And missing one meeting made it easier to skip the following week which made it easier to just say "what the hell" and give up.

I know Sandra from Keeping The Pounds Off is going through some rough medical issues right now that prevent her from maintaining the active life she loves. She gets credit for still showing up and practicing other weight management behaviors. (Do you hear that, Sandra?)

Just like I get credit for still showing up: I've made a renewed effort with a like-minded weight manager via a private 'coaching' blog. I'm posting my weight here. I'm acknowledging successes and areas that still need tweaking.

Is your life at a stage where just showing up can seem like a monumental effort? If so - give yourself credit for showing up. That's at least half the battle!


  1. Very nice reminder Maura! Since I am known to be part of the "beat yourself up" club from time to time.


  2. Thanks Maura, you are SO right! The "all or nothing" mentality or thought of being perfect kept me stuck for so many years. It's only when I accepted the fact that I would make mistakes and understood that it didn't mean total failure, that I finally was able to move forward. Here's to showing up an doing the best you can each and every day. You've got to work with what you've got. :)


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