Saturday, July 18, 2009

Taking over the kitchen

First things first - Sandra, thanks for asking about spinning. I haven't been able to get back to the class yet. The only times I can take it are on the weekends and I was out of town this last weekend and well - life dictated I not go to the gym this weekend. Or I should say my sanity dictated it because of life's happenings this past week. Stress/cycle/and some not so great eating caused my ankles to swell badly. While spinning may have been OK, doing the elliptical would not have been and what I really wanted to work on was reducing my stress. Going to the gym, this particular weekend, would have caused too much stress because of other things going on.

So what am I doing to de-stress? I'm taking back the kitchen. Except for grilling our steak, I'm cooking dinner tonight. Herbed green beans and oven roasted new potatoes. And a 'French' peach cake - it's a cross between a cobbler and a cake. And it's sinful. And it's yummy. And well - it's once a year when the fresh peaches are in.

I am also making gazpacho for myself to have for lunch next week and some tuna salad. I spent this morning in the kitchen and it felt great.

About the gym - while it add a little bit of stress, I do like going. I LOVE the elliptical machine. It's hard, but I can really tell I needed to rachet up my workouts. I'll hit the spin class again next weekend.

While I'm not thrilled with my weight right now, I have to admit I'm considering the notion of not trying to lose. I'm maintaining - and have maintained successfully. I'm healthy. My body isn't quite what I want it to be - but I don't know that I am truly willing to do what's necessary (less food, even more movement) to take off these last 10-20 lbs. This in itself causes stress.

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  1. There's nothing wrong with maintaining while you figure out whether or not you want to go any further!
    I'm kind of in that same boat. Losing another 10-15 pounds would be great, but I am also pretty happy right now.

    That peach dessert sounds yummy!


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