Wednesday, July 22, 2009

For now...

I've decided I will, at least for the next two weeks, only work towards weight maintenance. During the time though, I will re-establish many of my successful weight management strategies:

Better planning and preparation
WATER - really need to work on this
Logging - I'm too haphazard
Journaling - again, too haphazard
Exercise - I have this pretty much in order, except when my ankles are swollen. I need to learn to work through that better

I think I'll work on this 4-Day Win Style - but two habits at a time:

Starting Today:

I will drink at least 64 oz of water for the next 4 days
I will start planning and preparing my food for the next day
Daily reward: Spend 10 minutes reading the magazine I picked up and haven't read
4-Day reward: New water bottle

Starting tomorrow:

I will start logging all my food - even if I have to estimate
I will journal here about my success for the next 4 days (be prepared to be bored!)
Daily reward: 5 minutes of doing absolutely nothing
4-Day reward: Spend an hour cruising Ravelry for knitting project ideas

That's it for now.

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  1. Hi Maura,

    Looks good! I know you can do it. I've put on a solid 3-4 lbs since my surgery and although it doesn't seem like much I FEEL heavy at 127 lbs (never thought I'd say that!!)and my skinny jeans are tight! Anyway, I've been more lax with eating and logging, so starting yesterday I'm back to logging everything I eat and drinking at least 2 liters of water a day (I've always been good with this though). My exercise has been good like you...that darn food part is just so annoying sometimes!


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