Sunday, August 16, 2009

We don't have to like everything we try

I know I've posted about joining a gym and going to spin class. I should probably be on my way to spin class now, but I'm not and it's OK. I spent an hour on the elliptical machine yesterday.

Sandra just posted about not really enjoying a karate class. It is so disappointing to try something new, especially when you want to like it, and find out you don't. BUT - how else would you know? And we can't like everything we try.

I'm learning this about the gym - and spin class. A friend goes to spin class 4-5x/week. She LOVES it. I am challenged by the class and don't really want to let it beat me. But I dread going. I hate how I feel afterwards (nauseated and exhausted). I beginning to think it's time for me to let go of the idea that just because my friend loves spin class that I have to love it as well.

One thing I didn't write about when I joined the gym - was how much I loved working out with the personal trainer. I loved the working out part. I HATED the rest - major sales job with a huge pressure to make me sign the dotted line, commit to spend thousands of dollars and buy a package of sessions without even knowing which trainer I'd be working with. I thought the point of the session was to get an evaluation of my fitness level and learn how to use the machines. ACK. Instead I got a good taste of how it might be to work with a trainer and a horrible taste about the gym and a reminder of why they're really there: to make money.

I've pretty much averaged going to the gym twice a week. I had planned on four times a week. And as each week passes, the less and less I want to go to the gym. I have learned this about myself: I truly do not like having to go somewhere to workout. I workout best at home.

Something else I learned about myself: I like lifting weights.

So - the plan for now is to keep going to the gym for my cardio workouts. The machines allow me to get a good workout without putting so much stress on my feet and knees. And I'm going to start saving my pennies to buy an elliptical machine and some Bowflex dumb bells. And I'm going to get my home gym built and drop the gym membership.

There are two things I learned about exercise when I started the OPTIFAST program: you'll do what you like to do and the best time of day to do it is when you will be able to do it consistently. I like to lift weights and I like low-impact cardio and I workout best after work - at home. This is a basic for me. I'm gonna get back to that basic.

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