Saturday, August 15, 2009

Baby steps

I truly believe that 90% of successful weight loss and maintenance is mental. I'm working on getting my head back where it needs to be. Part of that is taking baby steps and I took a big baby step this morning. I took back control of my food. D's not happy about it - but tough.

Before I moved in with D, I cooked every Saturday morning. I steamed broccoli, baked sweet potatoes and roasted chicken. I then portioned it all up and I had lunch for the week. I haven't done that since I moved in with D and trying to balance eating leftovers from dinner at lunch with the heavier dinners hasn't worked well for me. So - no more balancing act. I pretty much told D that today. And this morning - I cooked:

Sauteed Spinach (2 big handfuls simply wilted in about a teaspoon of light olive oil)
Braised Green Bean (about 3 cups, braised in about a teaspoon of olive oil, 1/2 cup or so of unsalted beef stock and sprinkled with marjoram)
Sauteed Cauliflower - based on the Simple Cauliflower recipe from 101cookbooks
Sauteed/Steamed zucchini

Baked Oatmeal - for breakfast

Tomorrow I'll cook some chicken breasts and I'll be set.

It feels good to have a food plan again. For the past several months the only planned food has been breakfast. That's not enough for me. If I want to lose weight, I really need to plan just about every bite that enters my mouth. Because D and I share dinner, I have less control over that so it's really important that I plan everything else.

And in terms of getting my head right - I've been mulling over in the darkest corner of my brains ideas about why I might be so resistant to returning to the basics. Nothing concrete yet - but I'll post more as I get my thoughts in order.

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