Sunday, October 18, 2009

Eating to Engender Peace or Oops - I forgot about the 4-Day Win, but....

.... I didn't sneak eat. I haven't had anything to eat in a 'sneaky' fashion since Wednesday. I've just had things other than rewarding myself for doing what I need to do to take care of myself on my mind.

I posted on MFD about my stress level going up exponentially on Wednesday. It did - the reasons are private so I won't go into that here. What I will go into is the 'a-ha' moment I had when writing about it on MFD:

The best way I can cope with this stress is to eat and exercise in ways that engender peace in my body. Sneak eating does the opposite. Over-eating does the opposite. Stressing about getting all of my workout in does the opposite.

But eating mindfully and making choices about food in terms of how that food will fuel my body does engender peace. Making the choice to not overeat engenders peace in my body. Accepting that perhaps I only have time to do strength training on a certain day and making the most of that time engenders peace.

And when my body is at peace, I am able to handle the stress without creating more by gaining weight.

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