Saturday, October 31, 2009

Feeling better already

Not even a day back into my normal routines - exercise and eating healthfully - and I'm already feeling better.

I did ChaLean Burn Intervals this morning and I have to say - that program literally kicks my butt. The cardio LOOKS easy - but invariably my heart rate goes through the roof. I'm actually not so sure that's a good thing. The strength training part of the intervals is more like Jari Love - but less boring.

Tomorrow, I'll take an easy walk or do Leslie Sansone.

Food-wise, I also got back into my routines. I had a boiled egg and a bit of pumpkin for breakfast. A bowl of Panera Bread's low-fat chicken noodle soup (I wish it had more chicken and less noodles!), a slice of bread and a nibble of D's brownie. My snack was a small Yale apple (bought yesterday at a local apple house) and 2 TBSP of natural peanut butter.

Dinner will be heavier - but still not terrible: filet mignon (the leanest cut of beef), 1/2 a baked potato, and salad. Oh and wine. Of course there will be wine. La Crema Pinot Noir.

I read an interesting article about longevity while on vacation. It basically summed up 1 man's investigation of cultures that boast many healthy centenarians. One thing he learned was that strenuous exercise on a consistent basis is actually NOT good for us - it makes our joints where out faster. Of course he didn't advocate NOT exercising - but said a good brisk walk is probably the best.

I have to wonder about that. When I do really strenuous exercises - like the intervals program I did this morning or the spin class at the gym and do them more than once a week or so, I actually start feeling run down and, well, just plain old. I'm sore and achy all the time. When I do more moderate cardio exercises, I feel more at peace with myself and energized.

Definitely something to think about.

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