Wednesday, November 4, 2009

ChaLean vs Jari

The verdict - I like them both for different reasons. I like the calmness of Jari Love's workouts. Even her Extremely Ripped workout (faster paced - counts as cardio) seems calm compared to Chalene Johnson's strength training (no cardio) program. That said, most of Jari's workouts are too long and they become tedious rather than calming. Chalean's ChaLean Extreme workouts average about 35 minutes - which is much better suited to my busy schedule. But I don't feel relaxed after them the way I do Jari's.

So for now, the plan is to FINISH ChaLean Extreme. I start the Push phase next week. After I finish the Lean Phase, I plan to do 1 day of ChaLean Extreme and 1 day of Jari Love for my strength training. Pilates will round out the 3rd day. And then there's cardio.

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