Thursday, November 12, 2009

A different kind of points system

OK - gotta get this out in the open first. I STOLE this idea from The Amazing Shrinking Girl

I've assigned points to behaviors I want to practice. I get daily and monthly rewards. This month, though - is going an extra 5 days so I can end on my birthday.

Behaviors I want to practice:

*Eat ONLY when sitting down. This includes my little piece of chocolate after dinner. This includes ‘tastes’ when cooking. This includes anything that goes in my mouth. Value – 5 points per successful day

*Spend a quiet moment in reflection before eating. This just seems like a really good practice. Value – 1 pt for each occurrence.

Journal the old fashioned way. Because I need to. Value – 5 points per occurrence. Goal at least once a week.

Cook ahead of time so I will be prepared. Value – 5 points for each occurrence. Goal: each weekend.

*Log my food – guesstimating when necessary. The main idea is to be accountable. Value – 3 pts for each complete day.

*Exercise according to plan, including rest days. 5 pts for each occurrence.

*Actively avoid eating when not hungry. 2 pts for each occurrence.

*Choose to not indulge when there is at work. 5 points for each successful day.

* Choose to keep my body hydrated. 1 pt for each cup. Goal is 8 cups

Total daily points: 33

Daily rewards: >28 pts – new song or iPhone app

> 26 pts – time looking for new app or song.


Monthly rewards: 1200

Monthly rewards:

> 85% or 1020 pts = new cookbook – You Know How to Cook ($50)

> 80% or 960 pts = new workout clothes ($30)

> 75% or 900 pts = new make up or something girly ($20)

> 70% or 840 pts = download an album form iTunes ($10)


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