Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Weigh-In - Down 1.2 lbs

11/6: 154.4
11/13: 153.2 -1.2 lbs

This week hasn't been so bad. I logged all but one day. I did not post daily progress here, but I did at least drone on at length about my meltdown on Wednesday. Thanks to everyone for their support!

Next week's behaviors:

Choose water (goal of 8 cups)
Choose NO to the food at work
Choose to not eat when not hungry
Choose to exercise as planned
Choose to log my food *Choose to prepare my food ahead of time
*Choose to journal (pen and paper)
Choose to have a moment of quiet before eating
Choose to eat all food sitting down
and most importantly:

Choose to not punish myself with food

* All but the * choices are daily.


  1. Enjoy your blog and your upbeat attitude!

  2. hi!

    Saw your mid week meltdown; I suggest creating a Word doc that you password lock, and spill your innermost guts out there. Safe and locked up.

    And of course you cures nothing. It's a momentary pleasure with much longer than momentary after effects on your body and health.


  3. I've been thinking a lot this week about my own "choices"...thanks for the inspiration.

  4. I found you through Lynn's Weigh blog. I look forward to reading you on a regular basis!

  5. What a Splurge - thanks for the comment. I have to be honest, the upbeat attitude still comes and goes, but since I lost the bulk of the weight it really is much easier to shake off the depression when it rears its ugly head.

    Sunny - good idea, Thanks. I was able to exchange some private emails with a few people and that helped. To be honest, just whining 'out loud' somewhere helped!

    Skinny Minny - you're welcome. At some point during my 'meltdown' I realized my word choices of late weren't helping and decided to get the thinking turned around too. This is a lifelong journey - I can choose to accept the choices I need to make gracefully or whine about them. With grace, I am at peace. With the whine - I can easily make myself crazy. I think peace is better.

    Retta - I am in complete AWE of Lynn. She is absolutely amazing. Thanks for stopping by.


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