Saturday, November 7, 2009

Friday was a success

I've just posted a ton on MFD and my fingers are about typed out. But I did want to write about one insight that came to me: When it comes to weight management, I am not the person I used to be.

The Old Maura would complain about clothing not fitting right while cramming a honey bun in her mouth.

The Old Maura would complain about having no energy while she camped out in front of the TV or computer - eating.

The Old Maura would NEVER step on a scale.

The Old Maura would never take the steps necessary to regain control of her health.

THAT old Maura is gone.

I do complain about my clothing not fitting right - as I eat an unplanned spoonful of peanut butter. So this habit is still there - just with healthier options. One to be worked on.

I don't complain about not having energy. I work out on a consistent basis and wish I had more time to work out more.

I do weigh myself on a consistent basis. And now I'm taking the necessary actions to get that number back to an acceptable range.

And I am very proactive when it comes to being healthy - in a balanced way, I think. I think health comes from attitude, food and movement. Without the right attitude, all the healthy eating and physical activity is for nought. If you aren't happy, it's easier to be sick. But with the right attitude, healthy eating and movement can be just what the doc ordered for a healthy, happy and balanced life.

Hmm - got off on a tangent there.

Back to Old Maura /New Maura. As I brain dumped this morning about not knowing how to lose weight without drastic measure I realized I do know HOW. It's just the OLD Maura would never stick to it. The memory of all my failed attempts to lose weight was making me afraid undertake this part of the journey without the crutch of a 'drastic' measure. Now that I've got that figured out - I feel strong and confident.


  1. Wow - what a wonderful breakthrough you have had today Maura! I love the tone of your post! And I love that working out for you has become enjoyable.


  2. I'm new and catching up. Like your can do attitude. Many bloggers sound so defeated.

    "The Old Maura would complain about clothing not fitting right while cramming a honey bun in her mouth."

    There are a thousand versions of that.

  3. Polly - thanks. I have to tell you writing here, on MFD and with pen and paper in my journal (really just a big Mead spiral notebook) helped me unclutter my brain enough to realize FEAR has been the huge inhibition to my weight loss. Fear that I couldn't do it. Well - I stayed on OPTIFAST for six months. There's not much I can't do! Including turning around this weight gain.

    Splurge - thanks for dropping by. Somewhere on here is a long post I made about how it felt as I got close to goal I lost quite a bit of weight very quickly with the help of OPTIFAST and I wasn't mentally or emotionally prepared for the 'real world' when I came off that eating plan. I sought some help and part of the advice as to look at how far I've come. I'm returning to that advice so that I can remember what I have done, acknowledge the changes I've made and use the knowledge that I've already achieved so much to overcome the residual fears I've been harboring.

    There's also another post on here about Old Maura/New Maura and the food choices. The differences are amazing and I'm so grateful I started this journey.


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