Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Weigh-In - Down .2 lbs

Friday Weigh-In  
11/6: 154.4 
11/13: 153.2 -1.2 lbs 
11/20: 153 - .2/1.4 lbs  

The # before the slash will represent the change for the week and the # after it will be the overall change.  

This week is a disappointment, but not much of one. Actually it proved that I can maintain without exercising if I am careful with my eating. That said, I did eat to lose so I'm chalking up the miniscule change to sodium and some digestive issues that to discuss openly would be TMI. Something hit me yesterday as I realized I was going to have 3 days in a row with no exercise: I am no longer going to let my workout schedule RULE my life. I have to admit I've been doing that for the past 2 years. Going 3 days without exercise is a bit too much, but it won't kill me as long as I eat carefully. And sometimes, like when tiny kittens first start demanding my attention, that the priority needs to shift. I needed to spend as much time as possible with Tiny Fergus to make sure he felt safe. He does now. And I'll be working out today.

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