Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's been splurgy kind of weekend

Brandied chicken for dinner last night.  Boneless, skinless chicken breasts are quite healthy.  The almost 1 whole cup of cream that went into the brandy sauce, well - that negates everything.  But oh my - it's so good.

And today, D sprung it on me that he was hankering The Redd House.  Had I known that - I would have suggested something much healthier for dinner last night.  But I did OK at The Redd House - I filled a plate with veggies first: collards, green beans, pintos and small spoonfuls of candied sweet potatoes and corn bread dressing.  THEN I got a small plate for the meats - 1 fried chicken drumstick.  1 piece of fried cat fish.  2 hushpuppies. 2 slivers of fried green tomatoes.  1 fried chicken liver.  I skipped the grilled pork chop and the scalloped potatoes.

But the good part is that I didn't eat all of it!  I ate about 1/2 of the drumstick - and pulled the skin off first.  And I ate 1/2 of the catfish.  OK - I ate the whole chicken liver and the hushpuppies.  They were good this week.

And strawberry shortcake and some kind of pound cake with chocolate sauce.  Small portions.

And I logged it all:  Just under 1000 calories.   I'm not hungry so I'll skip dinner.  Calorie-wise, it's an OK day.  My arteries thank me for not eating this way all that often.

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