Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

And it's weigh-in day, too.  And yep, I weighed-in.   What better gift can I give myself, if not honesty?  The scales were up two lbs from yesterday.  I also ate soup at Panera bread and shrimp in a creamy sauce - so I'm not gonna get terribly upset about it.

But.... today's food will actually be less rich than yesterday's:

Roast beef, prepared very simply and it's a lean cut.
Scalloped potatoes (I get one serving)
Mark Bittman's brussel sprouts
Some kind of home made roll

That's dinner.

We won't eat breakfast - but brunch.  I'm thinking either waffles or an omelet.  I'd prefer waffles, but do I need the sugar and flour and butter?  The egg would be MUCH healthier for me.

I will be working out today.  I've had a bit of a cold and I'm finally feeling better.  D and I have no plans except to have a quiet day, so what better thing to do for myself than work out?

I hope everyone is having the kind of Christmas they want.

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