Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

I'm at home today which means my exposure to holiday treats is minimal - we just don't keep that stuff in the house.  We'll go out for lunch - I'm betting it will be Panera or Chinese.  In either case, I can order healthfully.

Dinner tonight will most likely be seafood and it won't be prepared healthfully.  Of this, I am certain.  I've suggested two entrees and both are rich and wonderful.  Shrimp in some kind of creamy yummy sauce served over puff pastry (D gives a French name that makes me twist my tongue when I try pt say it) of D's shrimp & grits.  D's shrimp & grits dish is inspired by Low Country (I'm from SC and he spent about 12 years in the Low Country of SC) but they take on a French & Italian twist: the grits are prepared ahead, allowed to cool, cut out like biscuits, dusted with flour and sauteed until golden.  They're topped by the shrimp in a sun-dried tomato sauce that is finished with cream.   Of course, he may decide just to deep-fry the shrimp and be done with it.   The healthiest option is Shrimp & Grits.  Unfortunately, it's also the most labor intensive.   But  - it IS supposed to be my delayed birthday dinner.

Tomorrow we'll have some kind of roast, scalloped potatoes, some kind of vegetable gratin, and home made rolls.  If I can find decent cream (ie, not store brand ultra pasteurized), I'll make butter for the bread.   Butter is easy to make, by the way - let cream stand out at room temperature for at least 12 hours.  Pour it into the bowl of a mixer and whip it until it curdles and releases the whey.   The curdles will form a ball around the beater.  Strain it well through cheese cloth, add a touch of salt if desired, and enjoy.  The clean up is the hardest part.

So, we have rich dishes planned over the next couple of days.  That's OK because there are no sweets in there.  We'll probably by a small box of Godiva.  It's MUCH better for me to enjoy a piece of really good Godiva than it is for me to eat crappy cookies full of sugar and fat and who know what else.

The non-food time will be quiet. Today will probably be a bit hectic - we have to go buy all that food.  D's been at home all week, you'd have thought he would have gone out earlier in the week so we could have avoided the shopping crush today.  But he didn't so we'll be out in it.  

And of course, I have some last minute shopping to do.   I found some pictures of our dear Mickey (our cat who died this summer) and Tag (the new Siamese we bought to be companion to D) and sent them to Wolf Camera to print.  This is a surprise for D - one I thought of at the last minute.  But I am hopeful it will be a meaningful gift.  He misses Mickey so much.

 After the shopping is done, we'll be quiet and reflective the rest of the day through tomorrow.  Both of us have had a horrible time getting into the spirit - in fact, there's not a single decoration up.  I think it's because we're both very stressed.  He's stressed about his work and I'm stressed about his work and my weight.

So here's my Christmas present to myself: stop stressing and start doing.   Today and tomorrow, my promise to myself is that I will eat only if I am hungry and only until I am no longer hungry.  I can the rich wonderful foods - I just can't make myself sick on them.  And let's face it - one portion should be plenty!

I realize the irony of it - and some Old Maura behaviors - I worry about being overweight as I shove yet another crappy cookie in my mouth.  My actions haven't been matching my thoughts.  And the result has been extreme stress.   It's time to quit making myself sick.

And on that note, I'll stop rambling and wish everyone who might read this a wonderful Christmas.  May it and the year to come be filled with peace love and joy.

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