Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I have a cold - a bad one

Ick - I haven't felt like this in quite some time.  Exercise is out of the question.

What is in question, though, is my desire for crap food when I'm sick?  I want chicken soup (ok, that's not crap), saltines (borderline crap), Pringles (definitely crap), cookies of any kind (more crap) and ginger-ale, the real stuff.  Oh and orange sherbet.    My SICK foods.  It doesn't matter how healthy I've been eating, and how healthy I feel, when I get sick with a head cold or any kind of respiratory ailment, I want my comfort foods.  And as I felt worse with each passing hour, today, my desire those foods increased just as my resistance decreased.

I'm not gonna beat myself up about this.  I'm going to find three pieces of clutter to trash and call it a day.  I can at least keep that challenge going.

1 comment:

  1. lotsa water, girlfriend! Hang in there!


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