Sunday, December 27, 2009

I love my iPhone

I may be repeating myself, but I LOVE my iPhone.  Actually, it's opened up a new world to me: Podcasts.   At first, I stayed with the ones from NPR (the Splendid Table is great) but yesterday I decided to see what else is out there and I found a new resource: 

The Reasonable Diet: Six Minutes of Sanity 

Six Minutes of Sanity - I love the title.  This is a six minute reminder that it's a one day at a time, small step at a time process.

Sandra and Sunny pointed out to me that I wasn't being very sane with my eating plan.  Yeah - I know.  I have a huge obstacle to work around:  D's attitude about diet.   And yes, your partner/spouse's attitude does play a huge role in your success.   I won't say more about this out of respect for him and our marriage.

Back to the podcast - I downloaded all that were available and listened to several yesterday while I was knitting.   I won't subscribe to her commercial program - but I will use her free resources as reminders to keep it reasonable.

As for me, I'm thinking of baby steps - small changes - I can make to keep it real and reasonable.  What am I willing to do, consistently, for the next 28 days?

I have decided on two behaviors:  exercise (because I fell out of the habit) and FlyLady Flings

For exercise - I will do SOMETHING that counts as formal exercise every day for the next  28 days.  Leslie Sansone/Jari Love/ChaLean Extreme on days I have a block of time.   On Wednesdays - I don't have a block of time, so I will either take a lunch hour and go walk the mall or do pushups and situps when I get home from work.   Or both.

FlyLady Flings:  Every day, I will go through the house and toss at least three items.  On Saturdays, I'll do a complete 27-fling.   FlyLady is a great resource for getting structure back into your lives - and I need that structure right now.

So here I am - feeling hopeful despite not having a great eating plan.   But not having an eating plan won't keep me from exercising or doing my flings.

D wants to go on a day trip.  I'm going to work out first.  Today:  push ups and situps. 


  1. I don't know you really at all, and I certainly don't know your husband, your marriage, or your history. That said, in general, I don't think any spouse is a good spouse if they don't help you (and I mean a general "you" as in "anyone") succeed in your goal to good health. And it makes me sad that you, for whatever good reason you seem to believe you have, kowtow to that. :( I just care, and want you to succeed for the right reasons. Your health. But I'll shut up about that. That's why I haven't commented as much since you told us to back off.

  2. Sunny, I appreciate your concern and I can say with all honesty, that in D's case he is a supportive, helpful husband/partner. The conflict is not my health, but HOW I get to be where I want to be. We have a difference of opinion on that and yes, because we have some other priorities, we have to find a common ground. To just do it my way without considering his needs does not make me a good wife.


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