Thursday, December 3, 2009

Slip Sliding Away

There are many 'diet coaches' out there that admonish (is that too strong?) that the second, third and last bites don't taste any better than the first.   That doesn't work for me.  The only way the first bite will be superior to the last is if it IS the last bite.

In other words, I've failed on a grand scale, to get back into "eat clean" mode after the Thanksgiving Holiday.   It culminated yesterday with scrumptious (every bite worth it) baked goods served at our company meeting.   I told the admin who arranged the food that I hated her.

I meant I hated myself.

Today's a new day.  I don't hate myself.  I'm disappointed in myself and I know how to turn that around.  I need to get in serious weight loss mode.  That means uncrossable boundaries.  I am on a restricted diet (doctor's orders - who needs to know?) and must at all cost avoid sweets.  I did this 4 years ago and survived the holiday season while sticking to OPTIFAST.   I can do this again while sticking to my food plan.

Speaking of food plans - I so dearly would love to return to the simplicity of OPTIFAST.   No time involved.  No real food choices.  No need to sample while cooking.  Open, add water (or non caloric beverage of choice), mix and drink.  150 calories of pure nutrition.

I'm looking at supplementing my diet with LifeWater 0 Calories (Sobe) and making myself broth & veggie based soups.  I know soups work better for me than salads.  I also know I need to truly cut my calories during the day.   Broth based soups should help with that.

And I'll be weighing-in tomorrow morning - expecting a weight gain.  Probably 2-3 lbs.   Let's see how well I know my body.

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  1. Well, 2-3 pounds would be better than the 4 lbs. I put on in the past week. :: sigh :: That said, I had my "AHA" moment yesterday, and I'm fully back on track. You can do this!!!


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