Monday, December 28, 2009

This week is odd

I'm off two days (today and Thursday) and D is off the entire week.  We have kitties to take to the vet today (not what I intended, but the babies are sick and it's time to start Fergus' shots).  There are no food plans whatsoever and that feels a bit weird.

It gets worse as I look out into the week - I can make do Tuesday and Wednesday with my food (standbys are great!), but Thursday looks weird.   We'll be going to Blairsville for New Year's Eve.  I'd kind of like to make it into a private party of sorts - and even have the makings to do that.  But I don't need party food and dinner.  Dinner will probably be healthier.

I think the point though, is that I feel better with a food plan.  I do better with a food plan, even if it's a loosey goosey food plan.   So at some point today, I will come up with a plan for our week.

The good news is that despite a barbeque lunch and yogurt covered pretzel's for dinner (yeah, my choice and not healthy, but good),  my weight is down a pound today.

About those pretzels - we received a gift tower of goodies.  Not a one was savory - all sweet.  I love yogurt covered pretzels and I knew last night was a no dinner, or snack if you must dinner.  And I wanted a snack.  I poured the pretzels into a bowl, ate what I wanted and THREW THE REST AWAY!

That's right, I threw away food.  Let's face it, had I eaten more than I needed, I would have not only wasted the food, but added to my weight problem.   I made a good choice this time.

I was inspired by the Six Minutes of Sanity podcast I mentioned yesterday.  She did a hilarious podcast on Girl Scout Cookies (Feb 2009) and it made me think.  Sugar is addictive for me.  I've made each and every one of those rationalizations myself.  So - get the sugar out of the house.  Period.

I've turned comments back on - and will greatly appreciate your thoughts.

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