Monday, January 11, 2010

Goals for the Week

For this week, I will:

Log all my food, with a goal of 1600 calories per day
Log all my steps, with a goal of  4000 steps per day
Drink 64 oz of water or herbal tea per day
Exercise 3x this week.
Acknowledge my successes.

Last week, my calories averaged 1800 calories per day.  Yikes - that's a lot.  I didn't gain weight, but I didn't lose either.  To get to the food goal, I'm going to cut out alcohol during the week and measure my dinner portions - keeping protein at 3 oz for beef, 4 oz for chicken.

My steps at work can be as high as almost 6000, but the days  I get stuck at my desk, cancel that.  My average last week was only about 3000.  I want to average 4000 or greater.   To do this, I'm going to start walking the perimeter of the office instead of the shorter route to the ladies' room - wherever I need to go.  And at least 2x per day,  I'm going to walk the entire perimeter of the office.

That's it for now

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