Thursday, January 28, 2010

Goodbye to a dear friend and muse

Our Scute

Scute, our indomitable queen died last night - succumbing to old age.   She was 15 and suffered from deafness, arthritis and chronic renal failure.   And I so greatly admire her spirit.  Just four weeks ago, she was leading the kittens in romps through the house, when she wasn't holding them down giving them baths.

My favorite memory of Scute is when I first started seeing D.  She would climb in his lap, turn and glare at me as if to say "this is MY man and don't you dare hurt him."   She soon learned that I would grow to love him as much as she did.   We became good friends.

As Scute's hearing diminished, she began meowing louder and louder, and for no apparent reason - especially when D was on a con-call.   The habit was both endearing and annoying.  The house is sadly quiet.   She is missed.

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  1. Maura,
    For some reason my RSS feeds were all deleted. :( I'm sorry to hear about Scute. Hope you're doing well. I love that you found a new fun workout. Nothing is more motivating than something that makes you want to work out!



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