Sunday, January 24, 2010

Best workout in ages

I've been looking for an alternative to Leslie Sansone and I believe I've found it: Debbie Rocker's Walking for Weight Loss.  She's just about as perky as Leslie, and her program is simple to follow - just like Leslie's, BUT it so much  more intense.

Intense in all the good ways - my HRM showed a max heart rate of 164 and an average heart rate of 130 - right smack dab in the middle of my zone.   The intensity was in intervals  - short spikes that were very much doable.

I no longer workout to burn calories, but I am always curious about my calorie burn, especially with a new workout and the HRM registered 337 calories burned.  Not too bad for a 50 minute, primarily walking workout.

The weakness in the workout was in the sculpting phases.  I felt like there should have been far more instruction given about proper form when doing squats and lunges.  There really was very little given.  Of course from my experience with Jari Love and Chalene Johnson, I know the proper form.  So I was OK.   But I would hesitate to recommend this workout to a beginner for that reason.

Debbie Rocker also has a program that combines walking with hand weights - I'll be buying both.

I'm feeling calmer about everything these days.  It feels good.


  1. Maura, sounds like you're in a good place--congrats. :)

  2. Thanks, Sandra! It's taken a while to get here - and I'm definitely enjoying being here!


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