Friday, January 8, 2010

Holding Steady

The Fly-Lady Flings seem to be the hardest for me to accomplish.  But I'll get there.

The good news is the weight gain hemorrhage has stopped.  I posted my Friday Weigh-In results and there was no gain.

The better news is that while my clothes are miserably tight, I don't feel panicky.  It took me two months to gain about 5 lbs and it will probably take me that long to lose it, as slowly as I plan to make this process.   I have been logging my calories and my steps and Sunday evening, I'll come up with next week's targets and how I plan to achieve them.

I did buy Jillian Michaels' Master Your Metabolism and I am convinced that I have totally screwed up some of my hormones with yo-yo dieting.  In terms of food, she hasn't told me anything I didn't know.  In terms of the role of hormones' impact on body mass - wow.  And in terms of "foods" impact on hormones - even bigger WOW.   I put foods in "" because Michaels' assertion is most real foods aren't that harmful but that processed food-like substances are deadly.  Hmmm - have we heard this before in a different form? (thinking Michael Pollan, David Kessler, that endocrinologist from Berkely who did the talk on the role of sugar in the body).

It snowed here yesterday.  But not enough to really merit a full snow day from work.  Bummer.

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  1. I have been thinking about reading that book. The hormone angle caught my eye last month while skimming it in Target. I like you already know, and am well read (too much reading actually, ha) on food. It sounds like you found the hormone information helpful. I may have to go get it!


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