Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Check-In

Overall, this past week sucked. Work was tough and my food choices and portion control was way too close to “Old Maura” for my liking.

Today’s food has been MUCH better! I feel good about it, actually.

  • Breakfast - peanut butter sandwich on whole-grain white white with Polaner spread - 380 caloires
  • Lunch - Lance Malt - 220 calories
  • Lunch 2 - banana smoothie made w 1/Banana, 1 cup low fat milk, stevia and vanilla. YUM 220 calories
  • Snack - iced coffee made with stevia and a splash of cream - 40 calories
So far before dinner about - 860 calories.

But the better news is that I had a hard and long work out and I LIKED it! I did one of the original Jari Love programs - Slim and Lean (or something like that). It’s an hour of tons and tons of reps. I decided since I have not done any strength training to speak of in quite some time to take it easy. I used 5 lb dumb bells for squats and lunges and 2.5 lb dumb bells for the rest of the work out - even putting the weights down for part of the shoulder work. I’m tingling all over and it feels great.

I rubbed arnica oil into my muscles after my work out. It is supposed to do wonders for so muscles and bruises. I recently had first and experience on how well it works with bruises so I thought I’d give it a try for sore muscles too.

Here’s the plan for next week:

Breakfasts and lunches - lean proteins, high fiber fruits, lots of veggies and limited starch
Dinners - whatever D cooks - on small plates

Sat - Walk
Sun - Walk
Monday - Jari Love
Tues - walk
Wed - Jari Love
Thurs - walk
Fri - Jari Love

Now some caveats on that schedule - my work is very crazy these days and if I can’t get out of work on time, doing the Jari Love program or even walking may prove impossible. If that happens, I will do sit ups and push ups and some stretching. I will at least MOVE some on a scheduled work out day.

Now the rewards:
For keeping to my food plan - a place mat and matching napkin for my desk at work
For keeping to my exercise plan - a new work out top

And some non-food/body related goals:
Get a library card - a branch opened up nearby and I want to take advantage of it.

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