Monday, May 31, 2010

I did it

I got on the scales this morning. 162.2 - that’s up 1.5 lbs from April 30th. I was afraid I’d see a number much higher, so while I’m not thrilled with the number (or how I feel carrying this much extra weight), I am OK with it.

All in all, it’s not that terrible since I really didn’t even try to keep to healthy choices while on vacation last week. We had barbecue yesterday. Panera Bread the day before. Wine. Gin & Tonics. That’s just in the few days.

I also had two or three cycles in the last 4 weeks. My body is changing and my caloric needs are changing along with it. I can fight it, or just accept it. If I fight it, I’ll probably end up gaining even more weight. Accepting it and learning to eat less and be satisfied is key.

So, what are my plans? Get back to eating healthfully 95 % of the time and remembering I need to actively practice self-care in the form on non-punitive exercise, journaling and breathing.

My goals: By June 30th, I want to look forward to exercise, I want journaling to be more a habit than an afterthought and I want to actively practice deep breathing at least three times a day. Those are behavioral goals. If I practice those behaviors (exercise, journaling, and breathing) then I will achieve the goals. As a by product, I should lose weight. I’m putting a goal of 155 out there. That’s 7.2 lbs. A little aggressive, but doable, if I am careful.

I’ve been reading Martha Beck’s The Joy Diet and she suggests making sure we participate in three ‘feasts’ every day. And that we must reward ourselves every time we practice a behavior that will lead us towards our goal.

I think one of my ‘feasts’ will be kntting. I’m really enjoying that right now. Another feast will be some time reading.

Here’s my weekly goals & rewards:

Log my food and average 1500 calories per day/ Listen to music

Exercise - strength training 3x and walking or Leslie Sansone 2x./$1 in my splurge jar

Journal - every day - at least 5 minutes/Actively watch the birds/chipmunks & squirrels*

Breathe - before each meal, take 3 deep breaths/Actively admire the cats*

* Actively means be fully engaged in the activity, keeping my mind focused on the animals.

I have a huge challenge coming next weekend - an unexpected, required, family reunion. My mother has planned so far - hamburgers and hot dogs for lunch on Saturday and then a trek to the BEST barbecue place ever: Carolina Barbecue in New Ellenton, SC. One or the other would be great. Both is just too much. I plan to take a healthy side dish and avoid the hamburger bun and chips. I haven’t decided yet about the barbecue dinner. But I know this - I won’t eat to the point of being stuffed.

That’s it for now. Lots to do today to get prepared for the week.

Happy Memorial Day.

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